Logo design for a manufacturer of dog enclosures

Transparent business card with black dog logo design.
Transparent business card with black dog logo design.


Clearly Loved Pets is a manufacturer of innovative, contemporary dog enclosures designed to decrease stress in pets and improve aesthetics in home.

The company believes that the human-animal bond is an enduring relationship that promotes wellbeing and meets the need for love and affection in both humans and animals. 

The company targets higher-income owners of small-medium sized dogs. The people who are seeking premium, unique, and visually appealing product that will be a pleasant addition to their home décor.


I designed a bold and clear logo reflect the company's pet-centered, friendly personality and and refers to the unique design of the company's products.


The logomark is a stylised dog (Border Collie) silhouette with its head tilted slightly to the side in a cute manner.


A contemporary, humanist sans-serif typeface and the black and white colour palette separates the company from its competitors. It also attracts customers who are willing to pay a higher price for a higher value of the product.