Logo design for an engineering company

Newton Innovations logo.png
Presentation board - newton.jpg


Newton Innovations is a mechanical design engineering company based in Delft, Netherlands. The company provides mechanical design solutions that are simple, elegant, creative, and well thought-out. This results in a very good functionality for a lower total cost.

My client targets small and mid-sized production companies, design offices and engineering managers in larger companies who can hire external expertise.

The main goals of this project was to design a logo that will:

  • reflect the company's values (creative simplicity, there is a better way, functionality), purpose (to solve problems that others haven’t been able to find a solution for), personality (strong, creative)

  • inspire others to have the confidence that the company can solve their design problems.


In my client's own words: “I am very pleased with the design, and think it represents me very well—good job! I think a puzzle piece is a brilliant design choice, on several levels.

My designs fit together like a puzzle, “puzzling” over something to find the right solution as part of the design process, a puzzle as a cerebral endeavour, and the idea of solving puzzles in the abstract (science and engineering). And then the link to my famous namesake, of course.“