Logo design process

To save your time and to do my work more effectively, I use a 6-steps design process.

Here are the steps:


1. Understanding

I ask you 10 questions. You can answer these questions by email or Skype. I need to understand what you business is all about, who your competitors and customers are, and how you want to be perceived.

I send you my agreement. You pay 50% deposit via PayPal or bank transfer.

2. Research and ideas

I do a research on your industry, competitors and customers. This step allows me to discover potential ideas, avoid trends and unintentional plagiarism.

To generate ideas, I use your answers and the information that I gathered during my research. I sketch to get rid of bad ideas first so that good ideas can come to the forefront. 

3. First presentation

I select my strongest concepts based on their effectiveness. (An effective logo is the one that is: simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate.)


At this stage, I present you only black and white versions in PDF file. This allows you to focus on the idea, not a specific colour.


I explain you my thoughts behind each concept and tell you why each one works.

4. Your feedback

Your feedback is crucial. I ask you 3 simple questions.


Don't be afraid to give negative feedback—I won't take it personally. The sooner you let me know that something doesn't work, the better. It will save us time, frustration and I will be able to fix it.

If necessary, I make any revisions to the chosen logo design concept. I ask you for your feedback at each step of the way.

5. Refinements and colour choice

I improve the alignment, shape and size of the elements of your logo. I have to make sure that it will work both in large and small sizes.

I help you choose the right colour. The colour of your logo should:

  • set your company apart from its competitors

  • match your company's personality 

  • attract your target audience.

6. Final presentation and delivery

I present you the final version of your logo. I show you how it will look on different backgrounds. 

When we are both satisfied with the result of our work, I prepare for you all the necessary digital files. I send you one compressed (zipped) folder with clearly labelled sub-folders and files. 


I'm ready to help you if you need my advice on the next steps of your visual branding journey.