What my clients say

“It is hard to sell anything, let alone things that are expensive, so I knew that the branding of my high-end product would be an important step. [...] 


I read through the entire website and I was even further impressed by the level of engagement and interaction that Chris includes in his process. [...]

Chris was personable and professional, responding to every email quickly and thoroughly answering my questions.


I appreciated all the “extras” he provided, including explaining the importance of a color palette for my website. He also took the time to explain the meaning of various design subtleties, and provided his opinion (whenever I asked for it). All in all, Chris is a terrific guy and a brilliant, inspired designer who truly cares about his clients.”

— Julie Huthmaker, Clearly Loved Pets, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

“Honestly and simply put, Chris is a fantastic designer to create an identity for your brand! He has superb customer service and he knows how to make a client feel heard and understood. He will provide professional input if he feels that your prospective design or ideas may not provide the best benefit for your brand. He worked with us with an enthusiastic and helpful attitude.

If you are looking for a people person, someone highly skilled at their craft, who works well with their customers based on their needs, then I can't say enough that Chris is the guy for you. Through working with him, I have even gained a friend. All five stars in each category!”

— Asia Farmer, AMF Visuals LLC, Upper Marlboro, MD, US

“I am very glad that I have chosen Chris as logo designer among so many logo designers and competition platforms.
Looking for a good designer for my future logo, I looked at many logos on the internet.

When I stumbled over the logos of Chris, I knew right away that he should make my logo and no one else. I wrote him a short e-mail and he answered within a day. After that we wrote almost every day.


He asked the right questions, so he quickly knew what it was all about and what my perfect logo would look like.

Since it was the first time for me and I did not really know what I wanted, he also made great suggestions himself. He knows a great deal about brand psychology and how to reach the desired target group through color and form.

After some drafts and many decisions to make, it was finally done.
And, I am incredibly happy with it! Chris has perfectly realized my ideas.

Many thanks for everything!”

— Adrian Biogradlic, Aipotu, Munich, Germany 

“It has always been my experience that the process of getting a concept from my brain to a finished logo or design is extremely difficult.


Chris asks the right questions in an easy, straightforward way. He understands the psychology behind logos and branding in a way that bridges the gap between concept and reality. He is extremely easy to work with and always meets deadlines. There is a reason I've hired him for all of my design projects over the past 2 years!”

— Ronnie Wagman, SILV LLC, Verona, WI, USA

“Chris's work was above and beyond what I had asked for. He is great at translating your ideas and vision into symbols and a powerful yet refined design.


Chris is exceptionally strong in colour choices and has a strong sense in colour psychology. He provided me with three concepts and the meaning behind each separate one, along with a description of how each of them makes people think. Not only I will be a repeat customer, I will be sure to recommend to friends and family.”

— Ehsan Ghoreishi, Intuition Tech, London, UK

“[...] I have been impressed by his communication, knowledge about consumer habits and suggestions about visual elements that best represent my company.


He combined my personal preferences and his marketing knowledge to create a balanced and timeless design. I am completely happy with the investment in my company's logo. I now have variety of file types for use on my website and in printed media to enhance the professional look of my company.”

— Nicole Wayne, The Beaded Fox, Kings Langley, Australia

“I am very pleased with the design, and think it represents me very well—good job! I think a puzzle piece is a brilliant design choice, on several levels.

My designs fit together like a puzzle, “puzzling” over something to find the right solution as part of the design process,

— Gerrit Newton, Newton Innovations, Delft, Netherlands