Visual identity design for a skate shop

Red logo depicting temple placed on a white skatebord.
Red and white hang tags depicting Skate Temple logo and available sizes of merchandise.
Red logo on a white baseball cap with red visor.
Red logo depicting three skateboards. Logo is placed on a white t-shirt, in the bottom left corner.


Skate Temple is a newly opened skate shop. It's run by experienced skaters who offer advice and lessons for beginners.


Skate Temple's vision is to organise skate events, cooperate with schools and local authorities to evolve into a local hub for skateboarders. They want to promote a positive image of skateboarding as a sport, culture, art and lifestyle.

The main goals of this project was to help the skate shop to:

  • create a simple identity that will build the brand recognition and awareness in the local community

  • attract mainly youth aged 6-19 years.


To help them get noticed, I designed a logo that is a simple graphic interpretation of their business name. It's a combination of playfulness and seriousness.


The different sizes of skateboards/roofs of the temple can additionally symbolise a wide range of skateboards and a different age and level of skill in skateboarding.


This simple visual identity is based on red and white colour. Red means energy, strength, passion and authority. White was used as a background colour to denote simplicity and purity. I've picked a bold, yet friendly-looking sans-serif font that matches their brand personality.