Visual identity design for a manufacturer of titanium rings


Infiniti Titanium Rings is a designer and manufacturer of custom-made titanium rings for men. The company is based in South Africa and sells its products online. It plans to expand into physical locations. 

The main goal of this project was to:​

  • attract men, ages 30-50, who have a strong sense of design and enjoy the masculine connotations of durable jewellery

  • create a memorable identity that will differentiate the brand visually

  • reflect the elegant, contemporary look and quality of titanium rings.


I created a simple and timeless visual identity. Using an overused infinity symbol (mathematical symbol called the lemniscate) wasn't an option. That's why I decided to design a wordmark with a circular arrangement of the letters. 


This treatment is novel in the industry and:

  • allows the name to be read in an unusual, infinite way

  • attracts more attention and adds memorability

  • symbolises infinity, perfection and, of course, the ring itself.


To help the company stand out and attract fashion-savvy men in the targeted age group, I've picked a combination of bold, uppercase sans-serif typeface and elegant, timeless grey, white and black colour palette.